Monday, December 10, 2007

ICED In!!!

Words cannot express to you the CRAZINESS of the weather right now. It has been ice raining since Saturday. We have been iced in for two days and probably tomorrow too. We are expecting this crap for the next TWO days.

These pictures will give you an idea of what we have lived through the past couple of days!
This is the front of the house. Notice the GIANT icicles hanging off the gutters.....the bushes in the front are completely sealed with ice. It's insane.

The back yard looks just the same. The yard and the play structure are both completely iced over.

We lost our second and last tree to ice. The first one to high winds this summer during tornado season. Our yard is so bare now. Isn't it sad?

Our neighbor across the street lost his beautiful bushy tree too. Such a shame!

Our next door neighbor's garden:
Our other neighbor's front yard:
Our street ~ a skating rink:
Isn't this crazy? And to think I have another day of rain and rain again over night!


Rene said...

Holy cow! I clicked on the last picture and saw the icicles hanging about a foot off that white truck! I hope you're stocked up and don't have to go anywhere. I must say, the pictures are beautiful. A testament of how powerful Mother Nature can be!


Kelli said...

Yikes! I hope that it clears up fast for you! We get ice ~ but rarely like that ~

Stay safe and warm!

Erin said...

We have ice too, but definitely not as bad as that! I hope you stay warm and toasty inside :)

Shell said...

Wow...If nothing else it really is pretty (as I type this from my 80 degree day).

Stay safe and stay off the roads...I hope it clears up soon!

Andrew Monks Crew said...

Enid is pretty bad too (well, what I can see from my windows- I'm not venturing outside for nuttin'). The good news is that Andrew got the day off. The bad news is that our groceries will probably need refilling soon! Let's hope Mr. Sun returns to OK soon, hmmm?

Sara Kilgore said...

Yuck - I think your storm is heading our way. Stay safe!

Kristen said...

Wow Christy! That reminds me of some winters we had in Nebraska! Scary stuff because when there isn't snow on the ground, people just aren't as careful. Hope it melts away soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey Christy - I don't know where my comments went last night. What a memory of the "Ice Storm of '98". You should notice that there is a vent above Ty's bedroom - could be where your roof leak is. Hope all is soon well