Monday, January 14, 2008

Daddy Diaries ~ January 14th

This entry really should read "mommy meltdowns" because it seems to me that overnight my four and a half year old has gone from older toddler to YOUNG BOY.

It all started with the fact that when shopping for him now, I leave the toddler sizes and go straight to the "boys 4-7". That hit me like a mack truck. There are no more "T's" next to his sizes. His jeans, t-shirts, socks, etc are all little boy stuff (sniff sniff)

Then he goes and loses a tooth yesterday as well as learn how to use the monkey bars ~ unassisted. ALL IN ONE DAY. Then I find myself calling his elementary school this morning to find out about registration, which is in a few short weeks from now. MY BABY IS GOING TO KINDERGARTEN THIS YEAR! I JUST CAN'T TAKE THIS.

His Daddy Diary today is very unique. He wanted to do it alone. He wanted to be separate from his brother and receive all praise from daddy when daddy calls tomorrow. HE wanted to be the one to share with daddy about his experiences today and not associate them with ones he shared with his brother. HIS OWN INDIVIDUAL EXPERIENCES. Oh my's happenning....he's growing to be independent...MY BABY!

Here is Zach's Daddy Diary:

Ty is Ty. I think he senses Zach's newfound independence. He wants to go into his room and play with him, to only hear Zach say "go away". It's almost like he's too cool for his little brother. He came down later to tell me that he just "needed some time away from Ty", which almost made me laugh out loud but I instead said "Ty loves spending time with you and learning things from can show him so much and be his best friend". He did come around after awhile, buy it wasn't until they were outside and really playing together that I could see it wasn't so much of a chore for Zach.

Love and miss you dear. The 26th can't come soon enough xo


Anonymous said...

SO CUTE! I can't believe how fast they grow up! Kindergarten already.
Give me a call if you get bored one night. I'm sure that's an oxymoron as a parent, but I'm here. We can commiserate about Naples. LOL

Alyssa said...

Oh Christy, I know they're growing up. But at least he's not toooooo big to do his daddy diary mostly nude, wearing only a froggy robe!

Sara Kilgore said...

Love it. Gaby is the one here that seeks "alone time" on a regular basis. She too will head off to kindergarten next fall, but having been there, done that twice I am ready! The boys are darling!

Andrew Monks Crew said...

I can't believe the boys are getting SO big! Crazy. The Daddy diaries are awesome.