Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Daddy Diaries January 15th

We don't have any videos to upload just a report (seeings how we just hung up the phone with you a few moments ago).
Today was a busy day. I am week two into my 12 week half marathon training. Today was "run 3-4 miles at a moderate pace", so I did. I managed to squeak in 3 1/2 miles and that was tough. To think about adding another 9 1/2 miles to that SCARES ME. But at any rate, I did it and lived to see the rest of the day.
From there I went and got some KICK BUTT running shoes! Check 'em out! They are heaven in a shoe. No lie. I sure hope that breaking my spending freeze was worth it! They weren't exactly cheap!!!! (and hopefully they have wings hidden inside them somewhere!)

After picking up the kids from Mothers' Day Out, we headed over to Miss Rachel's house for some Spousal Support as I like to call it! For the past two Tuesday evenings, Rachel has hosted an awesome dinner for deployed or husbandless MOMS from our MOMS Club. Last week there were only three of us, this week six. I wonder what our numbers will be like next week!
Rachel ~ Service with a smile. Check out that awesome pesto BASIC pizza. Delish!!!!

Yes, you see five HOME MADE pizzas (crust included). Delish!
We actually were able to seat all the children at the same time, and all of them ate too! Little did they know that Rachel snuck in some pureed cauliflower into her pizza sauce. They gobbled them up without a fuss (yay Rachel!)

After dinner was over. All the kids got cleaned up and actually settled down for a few moments of tranquility! You see it here. This is unmedicated down time! I guess it is true what they say about full tummies! Full tummies, equals happy kiddos! (and happy mommies)

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