Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Daddy Diary ~ January 16th

I cannot believe that we are preparing ourselves for yet another ice storm, or so it seems. The car was encased with ice by 7pm and is now in the garage to thaw out. I am curious to see what we will wake up to tomorrow morning. The boys BETTER have preschool, momma's got a lunch date!

After a fun filled day yesterday we had a pretty chill'n day today. I finally met Mellissa and her son Alexander, a mom I met online a year ago and who ONLY lives about a mile away!!!! She invited us over for lunch and a playdate. The boys had fun playing with Alexander and ALL his Thomas toys.

Here is today's Daddy Diary. Care to send us some warmth and sunshine dear? We could use some of that right now.

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Anonymous said...

That is what I like to see ~ Love, love, love between two cute brothers. No competition at all. I sure hope you do not get alot of ice. Not good. Luv....Nana