Sunday, January 20, 2008

JANUARY 19TH: When you have to give bad news.......

do it over ice cream! At least that is what works for us, right boys? Or maybe it is genetics. I know ice cream is a standard grocery item at Casa Kilgore in PA!! Who knows....but whatever the reason, it makes giving bad news a little bit easier to swallow!

Yesterday, we were an hour and a half down the road on our way to Dallas to see Cousin Cameron, Cousin Miles and to meet Cousin Sophie for the first time, when we received a call from Aunt Anna telling us she was in the ER with Sophie. Unfortunately Sophie was diagnosed with RSV and so our plans for a fun filled weekend with the cousins and grandparents was stopped short. Frantic, I started thinking of ways in which I could break this news to them gently. I had some borrowed time, while they were sound asleep in the car. I figured I would turn the car around and by the time they woke up I would quickly pull into to a Freddy's Frozen Custard and gently tell them there. However, our very inquisitive and too smart for his "britches" four and a half year old, woke entirely too early, figured out we had changed course of direction 45 minutes too earl, foiled my plan and announced that he knew we were "going the wrong way" and instantaneously questioned "why" and cried. (I wish his nap lasted longer!). I managed to explain to them that Sophie was sick and that she needed to be in the hospital and that we could instead have a fun filled night having a slumber party in our sleeping bags in our living room. Combine that news with ice cream and we're good to go! Little did we know that a half hour after deciding that was how we were going to spend our evening together, Daddy called and said he was at the hooch again!!! (the life I lead). So I got a sitter, the boys hung with her and I headed in to see Scott. Considering the CRAZY day we had and the HORRIBLE news Scott gave me over the phone (details on that later), we needed some uninterupted time together. The boys were better off in sleeping bags!

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