Saturday, March 15, 2008

1st GAME DAY!!!!

Today was the boys' first game day...and brrrrr, it was cold!

Ty's game was at 10am. We thought it was going to be cancelled considering it was freezing outside and the winds were brisk too, but no, the games went on.

Ty was very reluctant at first. He sat out the first two quarters. He much preferred the warmth of daddy's hugs!

Once he did get on the field, the ref couldn't even stop him!!! Whistles meant nothing to him!

Zach on the other hand was READY to play.
And boy oh boy, did he ever surprise us with his quick skills!!! The boy can run....
and dribble and SCORE GOALS!!!
Two of them as a matter of fact and one of them being the FIRST goal of the game right from the center kick off. We do, however, have some work to do with him about the concept of team mates, team playing and team work! To Zach, there are no jerseys, just a ball to kick...and he just zones in on that ball and lets NOBODY stand in his way. He was even a little physical (with the girls too) so we had to sideline him a few times. He is a work in progress.
Our boys made us proud today! Can't wait to see what the rest of the season holds for us.
Here are some highlights from the game today. Again, I am a very proud parent, so excuse the excessive screaming and shaking camera!!
Ty's breakaway!
Zach's 1st Goal


Alyssa said...

That was awesome! Looks like Ty might be leaning towards playing goalie, though! Oh, and is it just me, or does Ty look SOOOOOO much like Zach in that second picture! He's growing up so fast!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Dudes.......Bumpa

Anonymous said...

We could have used Zach chasing heifers down highway #2 at 2:30 this morning. He sure can run fast......Hugs.....Nana

Anonymous said...

Woo-Hoo! You go boys! ~Shell