Thursday, March 13, 2008

Soccer Practice + Ice Cream = VOMIT!

Daddy came home Monday...yay! The Navy realized that if they actually made him stay on until Thursday with only having four days of "home" time to get his "office job" responsiblities taken care of, he wouldn't have enough time to do all of that, so they released him early (yay). So, he's been home with us since Monday, but still going into work during the day, but able to spend time with us at night.
The boys took daddy to soccer practice last night. It was so fun to see them showing off for daddy, and it was so nice for daddy to be able to get involved. The coaches appreciated it too. Especially Ty's coach! (you should see all those three year old running around, it's just so crazy, and yet so cute)
Here is Ty dribbling the ball and making his way to the goal!!!

Below is a video of Zach shooting at the goal tender. He shoots.......and he........

It was 75 degrees here yesterday so we thought what better way to end the day than a trip to Sonic for some ice cream. What seemed like a GREAT idea turned into a not so good one. Ty was sick all night last night. Clearly a reaction to the high sugary content in the ice cream right before bed. Note to self: NO MORE ICE CREAM AFTER SOCCER PRACTISE.


Anonymous said...

Way too cute! Looks like the boys are having fun. That is what it is all about......Nana

Alyssa said...

What kind of drill was Zach doing?? You weren't kidding about the nazi coach, were you?? I could hear the "Get back at the end of the line..." comment right at the end. Sad... but is he at least having fun?? I hope so! They both look so adorable!!