Thursday, March 06, 2008

I liked today because....

Our SIL Sara (see link to the right) has inspired one of us already to focus on the good in our lives in the present moment. So following her lead and then Anna's (see link to the right) I too am contributing to this marvelous idea!

Today was fabulous because:

1) I did not have to play twenty rounds of Chutes and Ladders (in fact, I have not yet played one round and it's 45 minutes to bed time.....woo hoo)

2) Ty went pee in the potty TWICE today (once being at preschool ~ huge props to Miss Nancy)

3) Ty told me I was pretty when I was brushing my teeth ... so sweet

4) The boys had preschool today from 9:20-2:30 and from 12:30-2:15 I did absolutely NOTHING.

5) I worked out today and supposedly ran a 8:40 minute mile.

6) My "skinny" jeans fit me (but not the same way they used to)

7) It was Pizza Night (we make home made pizzas every Thursday!)

8) Denny's wrote a check for $200 towards my MOMS Club conference next month

9) I had a good hair day and it was windy all day! (wooo hooo)

10) My husband loves me

11) it's now 24 minutes 'til bedtime!

12) The boys are giggling in the tub

13) My dishes are done, the floors are swept and mopped, I will vacume the carpet and then call it a night! My day is done!

14) 22 minutes 'til bed time!




Anonymous said...

Yahoo Ty!!! Luv.....Nana XXOO

Alyssa said...

I'm glad you have at least 15 reasons to be happy!!

Pooh said...

go Ty go! Hey Christy, where in the world is Scott right now? Karl's stuck in Kuwait and is looking for a ride to Ramstein or Spangdahlem ASAP. Don't suppose Scott could be of service, eh???

Lisa Monks said...

Those are some GREAT reasons to be happy today. I need to start making a list like that. And YAY for Ty! Brian is still working on it . . .

Pooh said...

Didn't you say something about Stuttgart? Stuttgart would be an even better place for Karl to hitch a ride to. It's closer to Garmisch... :)

The "Airborne" Kilgores said...

He's currently in NE but is getting ready to head to NM. He doensn't normally end up in Germany then Canada. That was completely out of the box, however, maybe I can get him to pull some strings for you. XOXO

Pooh said...

I didn't actually figure that Scott would be able to give him a ride. It would be nice, though. Being stuck in Kuwait (due to some idiot's apparent inability to actually read his orders) when he just wants to GET HOME is putting Karl in a pretty foul mood as you can imagine...

Chi-townRawlins said...

I LOVED your list. Sara started a good thing, huh? I loved #11 and #14. I can SO relate:)
And YAY!!!!!!!!!! to Ty!!! Keep it up kiddo!