Thursday, April 03, 2008

Who needs diamonds?

When you can have a nice shiney brand new sink and beautiful countertops?

The kitchen remodel is FINALLY underway. The timing of Scott's return could not have been any better. Thank you U.S navy! We've had to put our plans on hold so many times because of how often Scott has been deployed. Now that he's home we're tackling as much as we can this month before he leaves for the desert. We started with the new sink and countertops. The tile back splash is scheduled for Monday! I can't wait

Today, however, is hard labor day. We are removing that tacky, ugly fruit and floral wall paper in the kitchen nook, and scraping the popcorn ceilings in the kitchen and dining room. It's going to be a messy project but the end result is going to be GORGEOUS.

Once we have the tile back splash in, the ceilings scraped and the wall paper removed, it's all about the paint! I cannot wait. My house is becoming a home finally.

I won't be posting pictures until it's all said and done, and honestly I don't want to ruin the surprise for when Anna and the boys come next month!!!!

Stay tuned........


Alyssa said...

Ooooh, let me know how the popcorn ceiling goes. We ONLY have popcorn ceiling in ONE room in our house. OUR room. Bah! We've contemplated scraping it, but just aren't up for the "hard labor" you're getting into. So yeah, let me know how it goes for you, and if you'd do again if you had to... perhaps I could convince Mike and his dad to do it! Ha! Can't wait to see all the pictures!! What kind of countertops did you get??

The "Airborne" Kilgores said...

Formica countertops. They are called "butterrum granite". So pretty. But that is all the info you are getting from me until the "reveal" pictures!!!

As for the popcorn scrapping, I am hoping it goes smoothly. Messy but smoothly. There are popcorn ceilings in our shower and they got wet and came right off, so with water bottle in hand, we hope the same goes for our bigger project! Water, scrape, water, scrape.

I will keep you posted.

Sara Kilgore said...

As long as they haven't been painted, the scrapping shouldn't be too bad. Jerry removed 1500 sq ft of asbestos laden popcorn in our CA house. We now have 3,000 sq ft of popcorn ceilings. We hate it. The finishing and sanding makes the biggest mess, but the end results are totally worth it. Whoever invented that stuff should be shot. And no fair on the no pictures policy - what a teaser.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait, I want to see pictures in progress - it isn't fair. Do these comments sound familiar. And as for your son growing up - you spelt 'labour' as 'labor'. No further comment.....Mommy

Chi-townRawlins said...

We can't wait to see the results! One more month! Hopefully it will inspire Chase. We definately need new everything in our kitchen!