Thursday, April 03, 2008

Wishing Time Away ~ A Mommy Moment

Last week I registered Zach for Kindergarten. You know, BIG BOY SCHOOL. I cannot believe he is old enough to go to public school, already. It seems like only yesterday he was born. Five years of me wishing time away. I cannot tell you how many times I would wish "he could just sit by himself...if he could just walk by himself...if he could just feed himself...if he could just tell me what's wrong....if he could just dress himself...if he would just go potty by himself...."

NOW I wish......if he could just ..... stop growing up


Lisa Monks said...

Oh brother, just wait until your baby goes to kindergarten! But Zach will have so much fun, and he'll love it. Can't wait to see his 'first day of school' pictures!

Mari said...

Therein lies the rub. I'm with you on the wishing it away and then trying to reel it back in! :)

BTW - I've been watching weather reports for Antlers, OK. Can I just say WHEW? Flash floods. Tornado warnings. Thunderstorms. Oy!

The "Airborne" Kilgores said...

I would have been a BASKET CASE!