Saturday, November 01, 2008

I'm Halloween'd Out

Here is our Superman and Tigger. We wanted to be a whole family of super heroes but Tigger wasn't feeling it. Maybe next year!

Daddy decided to "decorate" the sidewalk! Lucky for us, it was cute. I let it stay!

They tricked and they treated, but they much preferred handing out the candy! (thank goodness; less candy for them this year). Last year we rationed out candy until February and then they came home from school with bags FULL of candy for Valentines' Day and Easter! I just can't win!
I think this year they just wanted to be home with Daddy. I can't say I blame them!


Gloria Van Dusen said...

The boys look great in their costumes. You sure had great weather top 'spook' in. Love the pumpkins too.

Lisa said...

They look great! Lucky for me, my boys are still little enough I can force them to coordinate costumes. But this was probably the last year.

Alyssa said...

Those pictures of the boys were absolutely cheese-tastic! They know how to pose!!! I love it!! And also, I am jealous that you were wearing shorts and flip flops for trick or treat. It was below freezing here in PA, which is cold for us this time of year! Brrrr!

Deb said...

Too cute. The boys should be on the covers of "Heros Weekly" and "Out of the Hundred-Acre Wood: Life in the 'Hood." Very stylish.

I can certainly understand wanting to be home with daddy, but GIVING CANDY AWAY?!? I just don't get that. Mason loves to do it, too.

Shell said...

Adorable! I loved the Skeleton pic ;) But my fav part of it is along the saide Zach=Daddy and Mommy=Ty That cracked me up!

Chi-townRawlins said...

I think what we'll do next year is have them go trick or treating and then bring the candy home and HAND IT OUT to our trick or treaters. Because I'm seriously about to go eat a Reese's PB Cup for breakfast.