Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm back

I survived the dreaded birthday yesterday. I don't know why I get so down about it because each and every year I am reminded on that day of the awesome people (friends and family) I have in my life. So, from this point on, I hope to embrace that happiness to carry me through each January and celebrate the day for what it is.

I have a lot I want to accomplish between now and next January: A half marathon in April. A duathlon in October and maybe just maybe another little surprise I will tell you about later on this year. 2009 is definitely shaping up to be a good year. Lots planned. Lots to do. And hopefully lots of personal accomplishments that will bring good things this way.

So thanks to all of you who called to sing to me, left a message on my facebook wall, sent a card, mailed a package, made brownies, and sent email greetings. All of it was appreciated....and yes, I did crack a smile!

You're the best!


Chi-townRawlins said...

MAN! If I'd known you would take it well I would have actually said it on the day! I didn't want to add insult to injury if you were still feeling bummered out.
SO, without further ado...
Happy Birthday to YOU!
Happy Birthday to YOU!
Happy Birthday dear birthday-hatin'-half-marathon-runnin-butt-kickin-greatest-mom-ever CHRISTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sara K. said...

Welcome back to blogland. I ate a brownie or three for you on your birthday, does that count?

Deb said...

Oh hooray! I'm so glad you made it and are back, sharing your world.

Anonymous said...

I'm the worst of the Kilgores in terms of remembering to celebrate birthdays. Can you tell I'm hanging my head in shame right now? No? Well, I am.

Happy Birthday. I can't imagine what the family would be like without you. No where near as much fun, that's for sure. And I'm sure Scott would be some kind of E-3 by now, and thinking he was really headed up in the world. You rock.

Love you.