Tuesday, January 06, 2009

You'll have to excuse me

This is not a good month. I hate January. Always have. It sucks. I can't even fake liking it, even a little. Maybe that is just one more thing I need to work on this year: being fake. So many other people have it mastered, it can't be that hard.

  • I hate getting older
  • I hate wrinkles
  • I hate grey hairs
  • I hate that I am always fighting the good fight and losing the battle: why does weight come off from the smallest part of my body and not the largest? Like I couldn't lose some weight from my hiney...why the boobs? WHY?
  • I hate resoluters in the gym who HOG THE CARDIO EQUIPMENT ALL MONTH LONG
  • I hate half day kindergarten
  • I hate being me this month
I'm taking the month of January off from blogging. See you in February. (insert smiley face)


Lisa said...

Well, I'd be lying if I said I didn't mind- I love your blog. But if it will be a good thing for you, I am okay with it. Love to you, hon!

Oh, and you are so right about the weight thing. If only my bra size grew at the same rate as my hip size. Sigh.

mtnbiker78 said...

You seriously crack me up!

I agree with your "January-at-the-gym" thing. It actually stresses me out watching the new people in cardio class in the month of January. Some of them look like they are going to stroke out.

Anyhoo, life is too short to hate an entire month. So, you can take a blogging break as long as you use the time to kick back a few cocktails and relax! Hang in there.

Shell said...
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Shell said...

Smack me later, but oh my...after having talked to you yesterday I can just hear your "tone" in your writing...and I'm giggling. Yes I'll admit it~I am. Sit back and chill for awhile, if that's what you need. But if you don't bounce back I will be FORCED to give you my mom's "There's always someone worse off than you" speech. I can also make it include the "you should be grateful you're having another birthday b/c it's better than the alternative and have seen enough life to be getting those wrinkles " speech.

I love ya Mama....Old, wrinkled,gray, boobless and all =)

Shell said...

PS~ The deletion was me and my horrible, awful, terrible spelling.Blogger needs to have a way to "Edit" posts.

Alyssa said...

Mmmmmmmkay. You do whateva you want, fo sho. I used to hate January too. So I feel ya. I'll miss your blog, especially way back wednesday. Please send an email when you decide to get back on your blogging horse, so I don't forget to check it!!

Deb said...

I have always found that writing helps me blow off steam ...

Hope you cave and post before February. Either way, hugs from Pee-Yay.

Chi-townRawlins said...

DUDE! January ROX! What?
But it's cool. I'm all about forgiveness these days. So I forgive you for depriving me of delicious pictures/stories of my nephews for A WHOLE MONTH! They're going to be totally different people by February, so at least promise us that you're going to take pictures and then post them in Feb.:)
Have a good month. Sit back, relax and just think, "I never have to be a teenager again. Every year I gain is another year away from my teenage years." How nice is THAT?!
love you...

Gloria Van Dusen said...

Hey Christy you can't change who you are, when you were born. As for January ~ one good thing is you are not fighting heavy snow storms or -20 degree weather anymore. That must be a blessing. Hope your run went well today.

Sara K. said...

Amen Anna! Eternity isn't enough distance from my teen years.

Amen Gloria! Snow, ice, snow, ice, cold, cold, cold and we're not even in Canada.

Amen Shell! I think you've coined a new Ugly Mom motto - old, wrinkled, gray and boobless. Awesome.

Not awesome is feeling down. At least you're working out, which is more than this Ugly Mom can say for herself. Gaby commented to me the other day, "mom, why is your bottom wobbly?" Sweet! Anna, I take your squishy and raise you a wobbly!

Jess B said...

Not even a Way Back Wednesday? Ugh. I understand that the month of the birthday doesn't hold a lot of joy for you. We'll miss you, but see you in February! (sniffle, sniffle)