Wednesday, February 11, 2009

25 Random Things

If you are sick of reading these things, wait for the next blog entry. I don't think you'll be reading anything inspiring, funny or interesting here!

1. I met the love of my life during a time when I needed him most. He saved me from a lot. I thank him all the time for being my "Passport outta there".

2. When people ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always said "I don't know", and I still don't. But never, not ever, did I think I would EVER be a SAHM. Kids were NOT on the table when Scott and I were married. (strangely enough, motherhood has been my biggest blessing. I would not trade it or my boys for the world).

3. I am absolutely scared to death of losing Scott prematurely. I worry about my kids being kidnapped. Yes you could say, I worry about everything out of my control

4. As a military spouse I think this next random thing is part of our make up; Networking. I can network. That is definitely one of my strengths. I am not shy and I can take control of a situation and make things happen. I've always been able to make friends, wherever I go. I make friends and hope to keep them but they usually write me off when I move away. That was until Facebook ~ that you facebook for reconnecting me with friends and family.

5. I love the country and miss not being able to offer that kind of childhood to my boys.

6. I am applying for my US citizenship this year (is anyone's jaw on the ground yet?)

7. I will complete my first half marathon in April. Even if I have to crawl across the finish line

8. I love the smelll of freshly bathed babies and freshly showered husbands, specifically mine. One of us loves the smell of jet fuel. One of us doesn't

9. My favorite thing to do on a stormy day is snuggle with my kids. They don't know it, but having them on the couch with me soothes me, not vice versa, although I think it works both ways.

10. I hate that Scott is gone all the time and that I am a single parent 90% of the time but I know it's temporary (and by that I mean, for only three years .....ugh!)

11. I don't like to read books. Partly because I don't have the time, but also because if the author doesn't grab my attention right away, I tune out and think about all the other things I should be doing.

12. I take parenting very seriously. My hope is to raise independent thinking, responsible, courteous, individual, respectful, faithful, mindful, greatful, appreciative, loving, humble, sweet boys. I am afterall raising someone's husband and father. No one will call my boys lazy!

13. I eat a piece of chocolate every day and it can't be chocolate chips. It has to be REAL chocolate!

14. Never will you see me wear black and blue or black and brown together, aside from jeans and a black top.

15. I love keeping in touch with people. I love seeing where life has taken them and what their futures hold.

16. I'm a three strikes you're out kinda gal. You can take that any way you want, it will hold true.

17. Living in OKC is a lot of fun. Minus the odd tornado here and there!

18. I'm an early to bed, early to rise kinda gal. The nighttime is B-O-R-I-N-G!

19. I am not a phone person. I'm not good with small talk ~ believe it or not. I'm a get to the point and be done with it, hence why most of you get emails from me more than phone calls.

20. I wish my sister and I were closer. We have history and I just wish we could bury it and start over.

21. I have freakish traits. I am foot phobic, claustophobic, and afraid of heights. AND I cannot sleep with my closet door open at night. It must be closed. I also MUST sleep with a fan on.

22. Cancer is scary and I hate it. It's selfish.

23. I'm no Martha Stewart and have no desire to make things pretty. Not my cup of tea. However, I will hire you to do it for me!

24. Whining of any kind by any human drives me up the wall. I can't stand it. I often leave the room because I can literally feel the hair on my neck stand on end when I am around it. That and when someone discusses anything about "feet".

25. The most memorable days of my life: October 11, 1997 our wedding day; October 11, 2002 when I found out I was pregnant with Zach; May 16, 2003 when Zach was born; March 17th, 2005 when Ty was born. Lastly, April 26, 2009: OKC Half Marathon.


Anonymous said...

#6: MY jaw is DEFINITELY on the floor!!!!!

Alyssa said...

My jaw is ALSO TOO on the floor!!!

And also, I think I should eat a real piece of chocolate every day, too. You've inspired me so many times this month!

Scott said...

Don't worry people she'll still be Canadian. The US won't recognize dual citizenship but Canada does and the Canadian government will still honor her Canadian passport and citizenship. She's gaining...not giving up. Ask her about it before you judge...for those of you that might be judging.

Anonymous said...

Whew! She had me worried there for a moment!

Christy said...

Who's judging dear?

You're crazy!

Lisa said...

#4- Fer SURE!

#19- me too. Email is so much more orderly and convenient.

Shell said...

19~ Me neither but then can you explain how our shortest conversation to date is what 40 minutes? :)

Chi-townRawlins said...

25 more reasons I love you...:)
This was so fun. And I knew you were keeping your Canadian citizenship, too. Who would give that up? No where in the US can you get poutine.
You're so freakin' awesome, Christy.

Sonja said...

#14--NO WAY, NO HOW! LOL Love the random list!

Nicole said...

Christy, I just love you! Probably because you remind me of me:)

I still don't know what I want to be when I am grown up, I HAAAATTTTEEE the phone, sleep with a fan on, and got "rescued" by my husband.

On the other hand, I don't really care about chocolate, LOVE nighttime (I would run at night if it were more practical/safer), and have to force myself to put down a book once I have started it, soooo...yeah....

I can't tell you how excited I am for your race in April. I think I am truly more pumped for you than I get for myself. You are going to ROCK OKC!

Christy said...

Thanks Nicole!!!!!