Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pre-Marathon Ramblings


Looks like a typical/unpredictable day here in OKC for the Memorial this weekend. It's one thing to deal with my never ending nerves and butterflies in my tummy, but it's another thing to worry about the weather. If there is any threat of "severe weather" (aka tornados) I may just play it safe and stock up my storm shelter Sunday morning.

I just a bundle of mixed emotions. I am anxious to get this day over with. I am tired of thinking about it. I am proud of myself for doing it. I am nervous to think about possibly not finishing in my goal time. But most importantly, I am excited to finally achieve a personal goal and accomplishment; one in which I have worked hard on and have found amazing supportive positive friends. It's because of them I want to be in the ranks of "marathoners". Thanks to Scott, Kristina, Denise, Stephanie, Rachel, Jill, Mari, Vilona, Nicole, Shell and all my family and friends who have built me up and encouraged me to keep with this. This is my year...and I can't wait to cross that finish line....AND RETIRE from running for awhile!


Shell said...

Retire? Nope. Not you. You're going to run your half marathon this Sunday and think, "Woo-Hoo!Dude, I kicked a$$ on 13 miles...I'm going to start training for 26 miles". Okay so you may not say it exactly that way..you might add in an extra Dude or something.

I will be cheering you on from NC!

Denise said...

I am VERY proud of you! You have come a long way, baby! :-)

Nicole said...

I'm with Shell, Christy. You THINK you want to retire, but 3 minutes after I crossed the finish line I was thinking, "I can't WAIT to run the full 26.2!"

I am so excited for you and plan on chugging down a GU in your honor Sunday morning:)