Sunday, June 28, 2009

Daddy Diaries for June 25th

Daddy Diaries has been delayed because of how crazy our week has been. I missed Friday's and Saturday's but I will post today's later tonight.

For now let's back track and catch you up with Thursday. I know you know this, but I did get my hair cut today. It's so nice to have all the bulk, gone! Ahhh! Here is the new do! (excuse the no make up...ick!!)

Ty had his second game of the season in the 102 degree weather. It was say the least, but he stuck it out. Here he is at bat, and playing catcher (like brother like brother as you know in this house). Everyone had a good game, with big heats....and no one melted!

We love and miss you xo

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Anonymous said...

Your hair looks really nice. Much cooler I am sure. Hard to believe the days when you had it so long.