Sunday, June 28, 2009

Goodbye to a Legend

I'm still saddened by the news of Michael's passing. I've been flooded with tons of memories from my childhood each time the radio station plays one of his songs and each time the TV stations play one of his videos. It's been a priviledge for me to be able share in this moment in time with my boys. I get to witness them reacting to Micheal's movements for the first time, and see them react the same way I used to. However, the sad truth is that they will never get to experience him the way we did, in the 80's.

I found this video. Enjoy.


Lisa said...

So. Much. Talent.

Wow. What a great video! Oh, and your hair looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

A very sad man with such tremendous tallent. It just shows that money doesn't buy everything.