Monday, March 22, 2010

The Unveiling: Kitchen Reno COMPLETE!

When we first bought the house (3 years ago), it came with a lame kitchen! It was clear upon buying it, that it would be our big project upon selling it in three years ('cuz that's how we think: what can we do to improve this house to resell it in three years) You would agree, the kitchen was a mess! The kitchen had pink laminate counter tops with pink back splash and a purple trim. So very pretty (NOT).

and let's not forget THE wallpaper

*yes someone chose that wall paper and thought it was a good idea*

We knew buying this house that would need to be changed as well as updating parts of the kitchen. The deciding factor (as always), how much! After having had a few quotes, $12, 000 was no chump change. So it was decided: we'll upgrade to a new neutral laminate counter top, tile back splash and a sink we can actually use (and one that is prettier)...and just "deal" with the cabinets (blech!). So we did. This was the end result.

Better right? RIGHT!

But we found out we're staying on another 3 the decision to reno came up again (Ok, so I insisted a little!!!). Thanks to our friend Vilona who had just had a contractor come into her home and build a new great room for them, we used him as our starting point. Our goal was to keep the existing boxes, sand them down bare, replace the crown and the doors and stain everything to match. The cost? Get this: Less than $4000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally doable (thank you tax return season) the project was under way!

The crown went on first. Already I loved it.

Then we (they) sealed EVERYTHING off (including our ceiling, lights, tile, floor)

Then the boxes were sanded down. It made a huge improvement already! I was so excited to see the end result! Yay, progress!

Then the first application of stain. Beau-ti-ful....and yet it still wasn't done. We still had another coat of stain and then glaze........

*Getting more and more excited.....*

What was supposed to take four days only took 2! TWO! And did I mention the contractor was very sweet, courteous, not big business, on time (if not early) both days, returned calls, was affordable AND did a wicked job? You can see for yourself

*********drum roll please************************************

Introducing our new kitchen. You are welcome anytime...and if you need "a guy", I've got one. I will for sure recommend him.

Enjoy! (we are)


Pooh said...



Love the antique-y looking stain job. Totally trendy yet classic.

But BAH on you for having nothing on your fridge. Neat freak. You can't even see my fridge under all the travel magnets, family photos and other assorted junk. Sigh.

Christy said...

I have to make it look good for pictures ;-)

My front side isn't magnetized so that helps. BUT you should see the sides of my fridge....yikes!

Alyssa said...

Love it! Looks so awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Very Very nice. It will be like being in a new home. Newness in a kitchen just brightens everyone up. Congratulations.

Jen said...

It looks SUPER! Enjoy!

Sara K. said...

Looks fantastic! And the price, holy moly! Well done, well done.

Shell said...

LOVE IT. Two thumbs up. Way up. :o)

Deb @ Confessions of an Ugly Mom said...

Yay! You did CRAZY GREAT, Christy. I love it. The cabinets are beautiful.

Chi-townRawlins said...

Oh my heavens, it's gorgeous. Amazingly gorgeous! SO BEAUTIFUL!
I wish your guy could come to Dallas, because I'd totally drop a a few grand for those results! So impressive, Christy! Hooray for you! You deserve it!

Nicole said...

Okay so I am seeing this months later, but I still have to say that they look FABULOUS! I love the color and your kitchen looks great!