Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Bird Takes Flight!

A month or so ago, we found a bird nesting in one of our hanging plants. I tried to shoo her away but low and behold she had laid two eggs. Excited about the prospect of seeing babies and not wanting to disturb nature in the making (literally), I left her alone. Week after week, "mama bird" (as we called her) sat and waited out the birth of her babies. When I say "week after week" I mean, literally. She never left her nest. "Papa bird" visited from time to time, to leave her a treat to eat, but wasn't around too much.

Then one day as I was watering the flowers, I heard a faint chirp! Mama bird's eggs had hatched! It was so exciting. I wasn't able to take any pictures but reveled in the fact that after weeks of patiently waiting and nesting, we now had baby birds.

Mama Bird continued to nest and be with her babies until one day last week she left the nest to find some food. She returned with her regurgitated feed and the babies rejoiced!!! It was so awesome to see it all play out from our entry window! Unfortunately, however, one of the babies became ill and did not make it through the night. It was a sad day for the boys. But we're still very thankful to have Baby Bird with us and continued to greet him every morning and watch him inspect his new digs and his neighbors! (us)

Then just two days ago while the boys and I were outside, Baby Bird (as we call him) left the nest with us there to watch! He fly down to the ground and then walked amongst us for awhile. Mama Bird was across the street watching his every move! (as she always was). Then....he did it....he took flight. It happened so fast that I was unable to get the shots....but still wanted to share with you the pics of our Baby Bird....and my dead plant! (his nest)



Chi-townRawlins said...

That is awesome! Much cooler than a dead fish story:)

Anonymous said...

Very cute.

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