Monday, February 27, 2012

Blog Challenge: Day 12

Today's challenge is going to be fun! Interesting, but fun. And it may give my husband and anyone else interested how a typical day-in-the-life-of me goes.

Today's challenge is to "bullet my day". Clearly I will be checking back in throughout the day as my day's "Plans" can always change.

  • woke at 5:45 to hubby getting into the shower
  • 5:50 read emails, FB and Pinterest
  • 6:00 let the dog out
  • 6:15 kissed Scott "goodbye" for the week :*(
  • 6:17 got some breakfast and my first cup of coffee 
  • 6:30-7 responded to emails, did Dash related emailing, worked on Dash Volunteer stuff. Updated Dash FB page.
  • 7:00 watched GMA opening news segments with 2nd cup of coffee
  • 7:30 doing morning dishes and starting first load of laundry 
  • 8:00 someone pee'd the bed (again)...changing the sheets, starting another load. Got upstairs and realized the boys' bathroom was trashed so I ended up cleaning their bathroom and collecting trash.
  • 8:15 got dressed for the gym
  • 8:25 Took the boys to school
  • 8:30 ran some errands at the school then headed for the gym
  • Met Kristina for a 4 mile run.
  • 10:30 Got home from the gym. Grabbed a snack, showered
  • 11:00-12:00 ate lunch and watched Y&R (don't judge me!) 
  • 12:00-3pm study intervals/snacking/dinner prep 
  • 3:05 stopped at Crest to pick up some fruit and veggies for the week
  • 3:30 Pick up the boys from school
  • 4:00 snack and homework
  • 4:30 finish up dinner prep
  • 5:00 eat dinner
  • 5:30 Getting ready for hockey
  • 5:45 Out the door to hockey
  • 6:30-7:30 HOCKEY
  • 7:40-8:00 ride home from hockey
  • 8:15 showers
  • 8:45 books and boys in bed
  • 9:00 study flash cards

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Lisa said...

All in a day's work, right? Whew! I've enjoyed reading your blog challenges!