Friday, March 02, 2012

Blog Challenge: Day 16

Today's challenge is interesting. A little more thought provoking than yesterday's.

I'm to discuss my views on mainstream music.

I think a lot of our pop and rap music is just too vulgar. It's like listening to soft porn instead of viewing it; songs about booties, boobies, other body parts; what they want to do to those body parts and how they are going to do it. It's very suggestive and I think it gives young girls the wrong impression on how to act and behave themselves. The songs often have great beats and melodies which disguise the true meaning of the song a lot of the time. People are too busy dancing and having a good time, not realizing they are celebrating a song that is talking about a man beating a woman or about a man describing how he is going to have sex with a woman. And the language is so in your face too. There is no doubt what they are describing in their music. It's hard to find a song that I can listen to in the car with the kids. Most times we are listening to KLove or I am channel surfing.

Songs to me have moved away from telling a story and seeing the progression to having a song with the most shock value; what body parts can be mentioned, how can we rename them; what can we do to them; how can we describe it. However, I think that country artists are probably the only genre of artists that have stayed true to story telling. They even make it a point to be comical instead of shocking to listen to. I do find I laugh a lot more listening to country music than any other, I just wish it was something I could run to! (and those of you who do run to country music; you're crazy!!!)

I also find that country music artists do a better job singing songs about relationships; good and bad. I find the lyrics more heart felt and more relatable. And I don't know what it is about a sad country song, but I will end up in tears by the end of it. Must be the whiny guitar.

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