Saturday, March 03, 2012

Blog Challenge: Day 17

Today's challenge is to write about the highs and lows of the past year. I think I will do this in bullet form because it's 5:45am and I haven't had my coffee and I don't feel very wordy yet.

High: In the last year I competed in four triathlons. 2 open water and 2 pool swims. Each of them had their challenges but they were still fun. The world of triathlon has really been a highlight in my life. I've met some cool people; did some fun training events; and have challenged myself and become a better athlete because of it.

High: Another high was witnessing my husband do his first Ironman. There is nothing in the world like it. I'm telling you. It may be the longest day ever, but it's so incredibly inspiring. And just to wrap your head around the fact that he just did 140.6 miles. A-M-A-zing.'

High: I met some amazing IRONMAN pro athletes this year; talked with them, got photographed with them and are now FB friends. To us athletes they are our Hollywood stars and it's so amazing to see how normal they are! (and a far better example)

Low: My grandparents, on both sides of my family, are not healthy. My grandfather almost died a year ago and then my grandmother too. My mom's mom just had a heart attack and is hospitalized as well. Every time the phone rings, there is usually bad news on the other line. On top of their health, the family support for my parents is just not there. It's hard hearing about it from this far away and not being able to do something to help or visit them when I want.

High: My running club has grown to 35 kids. As chaotic as that can be sometimes, it's still pretty cool to see that many kids wanting to run and live a healthy lifestyle.

High: I got to go on TV twice in the last two months and will again this month. All for the love of the Dash. I can't say that I loved the experience, but it has given me an opportunity to challenge myself again in a different way. I've received a lot of positive feedback about it so that feels good

High: I was asked to be a guest presenter at a Race Director's Conference. I blogged about it in this post

Low: I learned the hard way that people have selective memory.

Low: My best friend's husband got a job in Seattle and they are moving in two weeks.

High: My kids respond well to being challenged as well. At the beginning of the year we set goals for them in their Accelerated Reader program at school and both of them have been pushing really hard to meet those goals. In fact, on Monday, Zach will write an AR test and surpass the goal we set for the year! So proud of them.

Low: My butt

Low: A ton of grey hairs I found in other areas of my hair

High: Facebook has been good to me. It's help me to reconnect with long lost friend, establish new ones and build on friendships with those I see regularly. I like being able to check in with people from my past and see how they are doing. Without Facebook I don't think I would have that opportunity. We don't go home often enough to see everyone I would want to do see. For a transient family like us, I have found that Facebook has made me feel more grounded and better connected with family.

Low: Facebook has also created an addictive behavior in me. So much so I have had to restrict my time on it. I removed the App from my phone and tell myself to check in to do work related things in the morning and evening and anything else in between is not allowed. With it being the season of Lent, I hope that helps keep me focused.


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