Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kids' Blogging Challenge ~ Day 1

I've started a new blog challenge. This is Day One. I am going to use each question on THIS as a daily blog challenge. Enjoy!

Today's first challenge is to ask the kids "what does Mommy always say to you?"

I started with my youngest, Ty age 7

Ty: "Clean my room".
Mom: "why do I always say that to you?"
Ty: "Because my room is always a mess"
Mom: "what are you going to do about that?"
Ty: "Clean it"
Mom: "when?"
Ty: "Today"
Mom: "So will I have to ask you to do it again?"
Ty: "No"

Time will tell......

Next up....Zach (age 8)

Mom: "What is something mommy always says to you?"
Zach: "Let the dog in"
Mom: "how often do I say that?"
Zach: "whenever she wants to get let in"
Mom: "is that the ONLY thing you can think of?"
Zach: "no, you also say do not sit on your knees on the chairs?"
Mom: "REALLY? I "always" say that to you?"
Zach: "Kind of"
Mom: "ok, thanks for participating ....."

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