Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kids' Blogging Challenge: Day 2

Day 2 of this kids' blog challenge is "What Makes Mommy Happy?"

Ty (age 7)

Me: "What makes Mommy happy, Ty?"
Ty: "Flowers and roses"
Me: "why do you say that?"
Ty: "Because flowers are beautiful colors"
Me: "how often do I get flowers?"
Ty: "Not that very often"
Me: "so are you saying that I am not happy all the time?"
Ty: (giggle) "No."
Me: "what else makes me happy?"
Ty: (pause)
Me: "don't think too hard...."

Ty:  (long pause)
Me: "am I happy now?"
Ty: "yes..."
Me: "did I get flowers?"
Ty: "no..." (giggle)
Me: "so what is making me happy then?"
Ty: "Me staring at you"

Ok then. Thanks for participating! :-)

Zach, age 8

Me: "what makes mommy happy?"
Zach: "When we hug her"
Me: "who's we?"
Zach: "me and Ty....and dad"
Me: "That does make me happy. What else?"
Zach: "When we do the right thing"
Me: "you mean, not getting in trouble?"
Zach: "yes"...(giggle)
Me: "am I happy now?"
Zach: "Yes, I think"
Me: "did you hug me?"
Zach: "I will now"
Me: "but did you hug me before I asked you that question?"
Zach: "this morning"
Me: "so the hug from this morning made me happy all day?"
Zach: "Yes"
Me: "Yep, you're right!"

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