Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The month of August!

I just spent the better part of the afternoon updating our blog with the highlights of the month of August.

Get yourself comfy...and read on! There are six new updates!

Enjoy the pics!

(Hodge was I brief enough?)


pandi410 said...

Christy it looks like you had a wonderful trip!! It must have been so cool to meet some Mommysavers and you took some great pics. It was fun reading about your adventures.

Anonymous said...

Oh my you need a vacation from your vacation! It looks like you had an awesome time! Such great pictures (and good looking subjects!)


Laura Bates said...

Christy what a great blog, I love the pictures and the descriptions. We are glad that you all had such a great time on your trip and we were gald we could help you out while you were gone. This is a great page to keep family and friends posted on the the going ons of your wonderful family. I am lucky to have a wonderful neighbor like you. Laura :)

Alyssa said...

Glad you guys made it home safely!! Looks like you had quite the drive!!