Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Having to take a back seat

When this happens to your kid, at football practice, you learn that there is a time and a place for mom. It is not easy taking a back seat to your kid getting ROCKED at football practice, but I guess it's the process you go through for growing tough skin ~ for both of us.


On a more positive note, he does have quick feet and carried the ball very well and he seemed to enjoy the practice on a whole.

It is his first year in football and it was his first ever tackle, so I have come to accept that there is a learning process involved for both he and I. I just need to control my mama bear urges and not rush onto the field after my son has been tackled and want to kick some 6 year old's butt!


Chi-townRawlins said...

I'm SO not ready for football yet!

Sara K. said...

He's doing great! And so are you!

Owen doesn't like being chased or being involved in conflict, so I think football is out for us. Whew! They play flag fb here until like 4th grade or something.

Denise said...

I don't envy you about this, that is for sure. Thankfully, Nicholas has chosen soccer again so I am safe for at least another year.