Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blog Challenge: Day 6

Today is day 6 of the BLOG CHALLENGE.

Today's writing topic: 30 interesting facts about myself. I don't know if I'm all THAT interesting but here goes.
  1. I am early to bed, early to rise kind of gal. "Sleeping in" is if I wake up at 6:30
  2. When I get dressed in the morning I dress from the bottom up!
  3. I will only take one shower a day so when it's done, I will not participate in anything active for the rest of the day to avoid having to shower again; including swimming!
  4. My shoes have to match my purse in some capacity. If they don't, then I just carry my wallet.
  5. I have to be up to watch the beginning news stories of GMA every morning, ingesting coffee while watching!
  6. I do not put my seat belt on until the kids have their's one. I will purposely wait it out.
  7. I tell baggers at the grocery store what order to bag my veggies. 
  8. There is always a Plan A, Plan B and definitely Plan C when I plan something! :-)
  9. When I am expected to be somewhere you can guarantee I will be there 15 minutes early. If I am not 15 minutes early that means  I have my kids or husband with me. :)
  10. Chocolate must be consumed, even if it is just a little morsel, every single day.
  11. I wear a lot of the B colors: black, brown, burgundy, & blue
  12. My favorite veggie is broccoli
  13. My favorite fruit is blueberries
  14. My favorite dessert is ooey gooey fudgey brownies a la mode (no nuts or whip cream)
  15. My favorite flower is tulip and I have never been given a bouquet of tulips in my life.
  16. I taught my kids to hold the door for me, and they do without being prompted.
  17. I like mowing the lawn
  18. I hate gardening.
  19. I hate crafting
  20. I love taking pictures.
  21. I hate sewing
  22. I am on a temporary Facebook Hiatus so I can better concentrate on my studies
  23. Unfortunately I am not a strong test taker.
  24. Numbers, statistics and mathematical equations scare me ; I do not know why
  25. I only know my husband's phone number by heart; all other numbers in my phone are unknown to me!
  26.  I struggle with self doubt on a daily basis. I can literally hear the positive and the negative self esteem angels duking it out in my head. I wish I knew how shut them off and just be confident
  27. I graduated from U of O in 1997.
  28. A perfect date night to me is during the day; doing something active together, grabbing dinner, seeing the site, then coming home to put the kids to bed and just chilling together watching a movie.
  29. Unlike my husband, I am low maintenance.
  30. I am fearful that one day I will get cancer. It is eating my family alive.

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