Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blog Challenge: Day 8

Wow, I've completed a whole week of this Blog!

Today's topic is: a moment I felt most satisfied in my life.

I'm sure most people answering this would say something like "having children" or becoming a mother. Not me. As much as I wanted to have kids, being around them and being responsible for them was a completely foreign and scary concept for me. Bringing Zach home from the hospital was the single most frightening experience of my life. Obviously things have changed :-) but the initial introduction to parenthood was very very nerve wrecking, unpredictable and uncertain. So my answer to today's topic, without hesitation would be my wedding day.

If you refer back to my DAY 5 topic, you can see that that period in my life was the hardest. There was so much heart break, separation, loneliness, uncertainty, anxiousness and sadness. So much was happening all at once I never thought I would come out from under all the rubble. Longest year of my life, without question. 

Breaking up the way we did was never something I anticipated.  It was never discussed between us when we were dating because we were in high school and too young to talk about that kind of thing, but I always saw myself married to him. He was "the one". So to go from that feeling to "I'm leaving for boot camp and my family is moving back to the U.S so we're going to have to break up".....was absolutely devastating..... to say the least.

Thankfully he got his head on straight and butt handed to him in boot camp giving him the perspective he needed!!! Two years after the break up, we made our way back to each other. Without wasting any more time, we were engaged and planning a wedding in four months. On our wedding day when we stood in front of EVERYONE we loved and vowed to be together forever, I have never in my life been so certain about anything more than I was saying those vows. That moment in time was the most satisfying to me.

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