Friday, March 30, 2012

Kids' Blogging Challenge: Day 4

So far this blogging challenge has been pretty uneventful. I'm waiting for these guys to bust out something completely random. I think THEY are taking this too seriously!

Day Four of this challenge is "What does mommy do to make you laugh?"

Zach, age 8

Me: "what does mommy do to make you laugh?"
Zach: " When you do stuff that is crazy"
Me: "what does that mean exactly?"
Zach: "Sometimes you dance crazy and say funny stuff"
Me: "dance crazy? When? Where?"
Zach: "whenever you play music and turn it all the way up"
Me: "Interesting. What funny things do I say to make you laugh?"
Zach: "When we were watching a Pokemon movie, every time they said Pokemon, you screamed "Pokemon" in a high pitched voice"
Me: (giggle). Ok, that is funny

Ty, age

Me: "what does Mommy do to make you laugh?"
Ty: "tickle me"
Me: "is that all?"
Ty: "when you say jokes"
Me: "which ones?"
Ty: "I forgot"

Thanks for participating!

(Man, I am boring!)

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